the first wine
in Prague
350 wines by the glass/bottle
paired with modern creative cuisine
inspired by Danube countries
culinary traditions
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welcome to Danu — family-run restaurant inspired by traditional recipes of Central Europe from Swabia to Transilvania served in a fresh creative manner

we are not an ordinary restaurant. We are a wine restaurant. A restaurant inspired by the Central European wine-making tradition, which in turn is inseparable from the history and gastronomic tradition of these places. The symbol and connecting element is the Danube river.

we invite you on a journey along the great river, which has survived different geological epochs, has seen the birth and fall of empires. It has become an important water artery connecting West and East, North and South. And most importantly sheltering numerous wine-growing regions on its shores. As the Danube flows through Swabia from the Black Forest to the Black Sea, so our wine list begins in Württemberg and continues through the Wachau and Kremstal via Burgenland and Sopron to Szekszárd and Villány.

however, our travels and wine research are not limited to the Danube regions. In our portfolio you will find, for example, Saale-Unstrut and Eger, Saxony and Tokaj, Alsace and Alto Adige — wide and multifaceted offer. Like in our bright and colorful menu you will find dishes inspired by Czech, Swabian, Tyrolean and other regional cuisines.
asparagus, nori, wild garlic,
red caviar, ham sauce


asparagus, yolk gel,
wild garlic with spinach,
strawberries, grapefruit juice,
duck gizzards confit or sturgeon


goji-lime marinated asparagus,
sweet yellow corn cream,
candied hibiscus flowers


à la carte
something to start with
  • South Tyrolean cheeses 195,-
    from Tito Speck farm, Val di Fiemme, Italy
  • South Tyrolean Speck 235,-
    from Tito Speck farm, Val di Fiemme, Italy
  • cheesecake with smoked sturgeon 385,-
    fermented cucumber & kohlrabi, onion ice cream, coffee oil
  • carp fries 215,-
    aioli sauce, trentingrana cheese
  • beef tartar 395,-
    paprika, fermented cucumber, tobiko caviar, trentingrana cheese foam
  • caramelized foie gras steak 485,-
    topinambur, apple and pine nuts jam, bread chips
  • vegetable carpaccio 255,-
    smoked beetroot, kohlrabi, radish, paprika sauce, fermented radish gel
  • roast beef 375,-
    tube with truffle potato cream, pickled red onion
  • kulajda 195,-
    potatoes, egg, porcini, fried dill
  • saffron perch soup 195,-
    crouton, fermented garlic & radishes
  • creamy pea soup 145,-
    leek, mint
main dishes
  • duck leg confit 385,-
    mushrooms, creamy pearl barley, trentingrana cheese
  • duck breast 495,-
    duck confit croquette with chanterelles, chestnuts, duck giblets & aronia parfait, plum demi glace

  • veal schnitzel 435,-
    potato salad with quince, lemon sauce with fermented quince

  • deer 595,-
    topinambur puree, fried mushrooms, mulberry sauce
  • beef rib 445,-
    leek, mashed potatoes, kataifi dough, demi-glace
  • oxtail  385,-
    beetroot gratin, сhampignons, orange vinegar
  • pike perch 515,-
    mashed potatoes, smoked scamorza, savoy cabbage, cream sauce, white wine, verjus
  • sturgeon 585,-
    baked beetroot and pumpkin, beetroot sauce with black currant and sekt
  • veggie
    hericium 315,-
    pickled fennel, buckwheat noodles, cherry tomato sauce with almond milk, hazelnut
  • veggie
    potato gratin 315,-
    harcoal cream, forest mushrooms, trentingrana cheese
  • homemade tagliatelle with lamb 385,-
    mushrooms, leek, trentingrana cheese, black truffle
  • pork ravioli 325,-
    sour red cabbage, pork au jus, parsnip
something for dessert
  • kaiserschmarrn 315,-
    raspberry sauce, sour cream, fried hazelnut
  • fried strudel 235,-
    apples, gingerbread sauce, raisins, lemon ice cream, hazelnut
  • honey cake 265,-
    parsnip cream, lemon ice cream, sour cream foam, caramel, pepper timut
  • berliner luft 180,-
    veggie-meringue with black currant, linden granita
  • tomato ice cream 215,-
    aronia & schilcher wine sauce
our wines
Swabia source of the Danube river and starting point for our wine list
just as the Danube originates on the slopes of the Black Forest, so our wine list begins in Swabia, in the wine-growing region of Württemberg, where in the valleys of the Neckar and its tributaries, in the surroundings of Heilbronn, Stuttgart and Tübingen, a wide range of black and white grape varieties grows on keuper and shell limestone. Close ties with its southern neighbors, as a result of which such exotic varieties for Germany as Trollinger and Lemberger (Blaufränkisch) have become widespread in local vineyards, make the region truly unique. Despite a long history of red wine production, the region is also proud of its white wines from Sauvignon Blanc, Burgundy varieties, Kerner and, of course, Riesling. For a long time, Swabian wines were not widely known: only recently they began to enter the international arena with great success!
hills, valleys, dry stone terraces – thousand years of winemaking tradition
despite the fact that most of the regions in our map were outside the Roman Empire, where the Danube served as a natural border, modern winemaking was born here with the arrival of the Romans. And although today we are talking about a rather German tradition of winemaking, we should not forget that it has Romanesque roots. Thus going back into history for hundreds and thousands of years. A predominantly continental climate predetermined the development of winemaking, concentrating in the narrowly defined boundaries of river valleys, steep slopes of hills oriented to the south. It led to the emergence of special styles of wine and, of course, grape varieties adapted to local conditions where they gave the best results. And thanks to terroir features soil and microclimate the vineyards got their own names to distinguish the best wines from mediocre ones. Which in turn led to the creation of the classification of vineyards, for example, the oldest in the world Tokaj, dating back to the middle of XVII century.
Years and hundreds of years of hard work, tons of stones turned into dry stone walls, marking the slopes with endless lines of narrow terraces, climbing up from the river bed to the sun. Old vines that have taken root deep in slate, gneiss or sandstone all this is a unique heritage, a centuries-old but living history, a treasure enclosed in a bottle of your choice in our wine list.

hard work, long way, bright vision
no matter how important climatic conditions are, the basis of everything is human labor. The work of numerous generations who have devoted their lives to making wine. Day after day, year after year, harvest after harvest. Pouring a glass of wine to our guests, we see in it a reflection of the person who created this wine. In this sense, we are engaged in authentic wine wine behind which there is a specific person. Whose name is on the label, who is rightfully proud of what he has done. Modern and traditional, trendy and archaic as different as the people who make them. We draw inspiration from them to move forward. They give us energy and desire to become better. They are what connects us with our land, with our history. They give us laughter and smiles. They color our daily life. No wonder they say that the truth is in the wine. It is life itself!

wines featured
Böhme & Töchter
special wines for your today's inspiration
meet our new wines from Germany's northernmost wine region — Saale-Unstrut! Fantastically fresh and mineral, made at latitude 51!

price per bottle in the restaurant / shop
  • Frank Böhme is a veteran of the Saale-Unstrut wine scene. Started with small plot in 1986.
    since 2017 his dauther Marika and her husband Sandro Sperk are responsible for winemaking, returning to Gleina after their training in Oregon. Here you'll find their carefully crafted clear, fresh and mineral-driven wines!
  • weissburgunder '21 feinherb
    creamy, soft body with restrained acidity with pear, quince, apples, citrus fruits on the palate
  • kerner '21


    mineral acidity, juicy, pineapple, mango, salty minerality with tropical fruits, fresh apple on the palate
  • cuvée allerhand '21
    summery light white wine cuvée from Müller-Thurgau, Scheurebe, Traminer, Cabernet Blanc, Gutedel and Kernling with elegantly balanced fruit, fine acidity and a lot of drinking flow
  • silvaner s38 '20
    freyburger schweigenberg
    spontaneously fermented in Tonneau No. 38 with 12 months of yeast storage shows length and structure, fine-nerved minerality and acidity with spicy herbal notes, yellow fruits, discreet and finely integrated wood on the palate

  • weissburgunder '21
    40% in wood / 60% fermented in stainless steel, then stored on fine yeast shows firm texture, tart and fresh lime minerality, elegant burgundy aroma with pear, mirabelle and quince
if the work of a restaurant is compared to an orchestra playing a piece of music, which is not difficult to do, since the harmony of tastes in food is always akin to musical harmony, then this duo largely determines its sound
  • Konstantin
    educated winemaker and first violin
  • Pavel
    sommelier and conductor
dinner with winemaker
take your friends to meet our friends — winemakers from our portfolio. Meet them personally ask them, chat with them, taste our special meals smartly created specialy for particular event
December, 13 2023
Graf Felix Adelmann

We are preparing a unique event for you - on December 13, the long-awaited guest, Graf Felix Adelmann, will visit us! You will have the opportunity to meet and talk with one of the brightest representatives of the German wine scene! The game menu will be accompanied by top wines from older vintages!

starts at 19:00
in English
price 3700,-
Early Birds till 06.12.2023 - 3200
+420 605 496 268
Korunní 769/24 Vinohrady, Praha 2
monday — closed
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